Source code for diofant.core.cache

""" Caching facility for Diofant. """

import functools
import os

from .evaluate import global_evaluate

# global cache registry: [] of (item, {})
CACHE = []

def print_cache():
    """Print cache content."""

    for item in CACHE:
        print(item.__qualname__, item.cache_info())

def clear_cache():
    """Clear cache content."""
    for item in CACHE:

USE_CACHE = os.getenv('DIOFANT_USE_CACHE', 'True') == 'True'

[docs]def cacheit(f, maxsize=None): """Caching decorator. The result of cached function must be *immutable*. Examples ======== >>> @cacheit ... def f(a, b): ... print(a, b) ... return a + b >>> f(x, y) x y x + y >>> f(x, y) x + y """ if USE_CACHE: cfunc = functools.lru_cache(maxsize=maxsize, typed=True)(f) def wrapper(*args, **kwargs): try: if global_evaluate[0] and kwargs.get('evaluate', True): return cfunc(*args, **kwargs) except TypeError: pass return f(*args, **kwargs) wrapper.cache_info = cfunc.cache_info wrapper.cache_clear = cfunc.cache_clear functools.update_wrapper(wrapper, f) CACHE.append(wrapper) return wrapper else: return f