Diofant 0.11

Not Released Yet

New features

  • Added discrete_log() to compute discrete logarithms, see #785. Thanks to Gabriel Orisaka.

Major changes

Compatibility breaks

  • Removed support for Python 3.5 and 3.6, see #775.

  • is_monomial attribute of Poly renamed to is_term, see #780.

  • Removed log() helper from RationalField, see #787.

  • Removed seterr() function, see #794.

  • Removed DMP class, see #795.

  • Removed ring_series module, see #820.

  • Equality doesn’t support single-argument call, see #828.

  • Removed is_nonnegative() and is_nonpositive() methods of Domain subclasses, see #834.

  • Former fast=True option is now a default for intervals() and refine_root(), see #834.

  • Change order of keyword arguments for integrate(), see #834.

  • Removed support for dps='' in Float. Significant digits automatically counted for int and str inputs, see #797.

Minor changes

  • Support truncation for elements of RealAlgebraicField to int, see #788.

  • Matrix’s and Array’s support symbolic indexes, see #785. Thanks to Francesco Bonazzi.

  • Added AA_FACTOR_METHOD configuration option to specify factorization algorithm for polynomials with algebraic coefficients, see #844.

Developer changes

Issues closed

See the release milestone for complete list of issues and pull requests involved in this release.

These Sympy issues also were addressed: