The Diofant can be installed on virtually any computer with Python 3.4 or above. Diofant requires setuptools. You can install latest release with pip:

$ pip install diofant

or to install also extra dependencies:

$ pip install diofant[gmpy,plot]


You could use pyvenv to create isolated Python environment first, instead of installing everything system-wide.

From Sources

If you are a developer or like to get the latest updates as they come, be sure to install from git:

$ git clone git://
$ cd diofant
$ pip install -e .[develop,docs]

Run Diofant

To verify that your freshly-installed Diofant works, please start up the Python interpreter and execute some simple statements like the ones below:

>>> from import x
>>> ((1 + x)**(1/x)).limit(x, 0)

However, we recommend using IPython for working interactively. Use input transformations from the module diofant.interactive, that could reduce boilerplate while interacting with Diofant due to the Python language syntax.

For a starter guide on using Diofant, refer to the Tutorial.


If you think there’s a bug, you have a question or you would like to request a feature, please open an issue ticket.