SymPy 0.5.14ΒΆ

26 Apr 2008

  • SymPy is now 25% faster on average compared to the previous release
    • __eq__/__ne__/__nonzero__ returns True/False directly so dict lookups are not expensive anymore
    • sum(x**i/i,i=1..400) is now 4.8x faster
    • isinstance(term, C.Mul) was replaced by term.is_Mul and similarly for other basic classes
  • Documentation was improved a lot. See
  • rsolve_poly & rsolve_hyper fixed
  • subs and subs_dict unified to .subs()
  • faster and more robust polynomials module
  • improved Matrix.det(), implemented Berkowitz algorithm
  • improved isympy (interactive shell for SymPy)
  • pretty-printing improved
  • Rel, Eq, Ne, Lt, Le, Gt, Ge implemented
  • Limit class represents unevaluated limits now
  • Bailey-Borwein-Plouffe algorithm (finds the nth hexidecimal digit of pi without calculating the previous digits) implemented
  • solver for transcendental equations added
  • .nseries() methods implemented (more robust/faster than .oseries)
  • multivariate Lambdas implemented