SymPy 0.6.3

19 Nov 2008

  • port to python2.6 (all tests pass)

  • port to jython (all tests pass except those depending on the “ast” module)

  • true division fixed (all tests pass with “-Qnew” Python option)

  • created, sympy is now regularly tested on python2.4, 2.5, 2.6 on both i386 and amd64 architectures.

  • py.bench – py.test based benchmarking added

  • bin/test – simple py.test like testing framework, without external dependencies, nice colored output

  • most limits now work

  • factorization over \(Z[x]\) greatly improved

  • Piecewise function added

  • nsimplify() implemented

  • symbols and var syntax unified

  • C code printing

  • many bugfixes